Pampa Industries, through its considerable Engineering Department, offers back-up services for all modes of filling lines. PAMPA is fully capable of handling filling and sealing systems that run manufactured packaging materials such as beakers, special containers, lids,  wideneck jars and HDPE/PET bottles.

We manufacture and design for any type of filling system, all modes of tools from Star-wheels to Chucks and Gigs. Each tool is specifically designed by our engineers to meet the special requirements of the operator, and thus becomes an extremely cost-effective unit within the production plant where it is used.

PAMPA also has its own filling lines, which on special requirement, are loaned out to its customers.
PAMPA offers the added service of giving its customers the option of having their Containers labelled with only fully automatic labelling machine.
PAMPA also offers a wide variety of Polybags. These Polybags can be custom made in any shape, thickness or particular dimensions as the customer requires.
PAMPA, through its fleet of trucks, offers 24 hours delivery to its customers anywhere within the UAE. Transport of goods outside the UAE can also be done within one day.