The Polycarbonate bottles are designed with a smooth internal surface to facilitate easy cleaning of the milk formula. The silicone nipple is carefully designed to stimulate saliva secretion and help healthy stimulation of the baby's jaw muscles. The ANTI-AIR VALVE is designed so that the baby takes in no extra air while feeding. This provides a regular flow of milk formula on each sucking, preventing choking by overflow of milk formula. The flow of milk can be regulated by tightening or loosening the cap.


The silicone nipples and polycarbonate for feeding bottles come from Bayer AG, in Germany, and polypropylene for the closures from Ato-Chemie in France. These materials are Food Grade and approved by the Food and Drugs Administration in the USA, Germany and other countries. Due to the high quality of PAMPA's products, a

Certificate of safety for Use with Foodstuff and Conformity with Requirements of EC Directive 90/129EEC* and UK Statutory Instrument No. 3145 has been awarded by a renowned laboratory in the UK.