The Prinja Group, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Pampa Industries (International) Corp., started its operations in the Middle East in 1994 and very soon became the market leader in the field of Plastic Packaging and Baby Products.

Pampa Industries offers a wide range of plastic processing from blow-moulding, injection - moulding, film-blow to die manufacturing and printing.

Together, Pampa Industries and her sister company in Kenya, Polycans Limited, makes the Prinja Group one of the largest plastic processing Groups outside of Europe and the United States. The two Plants have a combined annual consumption exceeding 15,000 MT of polymers alone. This is the result of commitment to excellence, professional management and the start-of-art infrastructural facilities.

The Group has its headquarters in Kenya, with offices and ventures in Asia, Europe and the Middle East. The conglomerate has taken the role of a leader in its own specialized fields. The total number of personnel exceed 2000.

The East African Markets are governed from headquarters in Mombasa and Nairobi; Europe is controlled through London; offices in India cover the South Asian region; and the Dubai office covers the Middle East and the Central Asian Operations.

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