At Pampa Industries we decorate the plastic Cans that we produce using the latest and utmost modern technology.

We have an ultra modern Screen-Printing Division, where all the services are in-house. We design artworks and have trained professional artists who do the job using the latest computer software such as Corel Draw9 and Adobe Illustrator Version 9.

We have a full-fledge darkroom where the artworks are processed to produce positives ready for exposing onto the screens. The screens are also manufactured in-house. We have screens-stretching devices and all the screens are made, coated and exposed in-house.

Screens thus produced are mounted on our fully automatic 6 colour Screen-Printing Machine where the Cans are serigraphed using UV cured inks. UV curved inks have the following distinct advantages.
  • Thicker ink deposit

  • Sharper image

  • Glossier image

  • Scratch proof

Our automatic Screen-Printing Machines are capable of doing high quality work in large volumes.


We have also acquired a fully automatic two colour Tampon Printing Machine to print on the Caps. This machine is highly sophisticated and uses the latest computer technology and operates a robotic arm, which feed the Cap and holds it in position to get exact colour registration.