Each of the following categories has a special kind of requirement and need for packaging. The design, the quality, the shape, capacity, material used, chemical composition, printing, etc., is different for each category. Specialized equipment and trained manpower is required to adhere to the high quality standard. PAMPA has made it a reality in the Middle East.


The Containers in this superior quality PAMPA range are specially designed for lubricants, capable of withstanding high temperatures and resistant to cracking and breaking. Manufactured from top quality HDPE material,  with HDPE injection caps, these Containers are available in capacities from 2 Ltrs. up to 10 Ltrs. A measuring device with vizi-strip is an optional extra.


We have also developed a new range of Packs especially for the Lube Industry, which is a brand new shape and comes in three sizes, 4 Ltrs., 5 Ltrs. and 6 Ltrs. There is a tremendous demand for these Packs in the export market.


Ancillary to the Lube Industry, is the Industry of Brake fluid, distilled water and other such paraphernalia that go into automotive usage. For this Industry, we have a range of products from 150 ml up to 1 Ltr.


All Industries such as Lube, Edible Oil, Adhesives, Chemicals, Milk, Juices etc., require large sized Packages for their bulk customers. To serve this need, we have a wide range of Packs in 20 Ltrs., 25 Ltrs and 30 Ltrs. capacities.


Especially designed for Grease, Vegetable Ghee, Edible products such as mayonnaise, cream cheese, labaneh, etc., this wonderful range comes in 1/2 kg. to 18 Kgs. Packs.